Wet Bliss

Mature Content 18+ Adults Only………………………Beautiful Loving Intense Sexual Sensations


The fire was ignited and unzipped pants had invited Me in to warm up, so I reached in for his nuts My icy fingers made him jump on the first … Continue reading

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Not Your Mother’s Christmas Carols ~ A Duet

Written by: Miss Amelia & Wet Bliss Source: Not Your Mother’s Christmas Carols ~ A Duet Wow it’s almost Christmas, and I need to get my ass in gear and find my … Continue reading

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Touch me Hold me Control me Here There Everywhere Let’s take an adventure Together Forever Touch my sticky wet Hold my desires in check Control what comes next  

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One nipple plucked Tweaking my pleasure One hand tucked Deep in the treasure One finger fucks On a solo endeavor – 1 of 3 impromptu poetry parts from comments yesterday. … Continue reading

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Two coming together Desires undressed Two wrists bound in leather Clamps upon breasts Two enjoying the pleasure Shared on this quest   – 2 of 3 impromptu poetry from comments … Continue reading

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Three with some persuasion When I need to be taken Three on special occasions When temptation is awakened Three taking a short vacation Returning to two not to be forsaken … Continue reading

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Breaking A Dry Spell – MM 118

  Baby, It’s Cold Outside But it’s warm between my thighs I’m Taking Care of Business Wish you were here to play witness Picture this, oscillating hips Under fingers teasing … Continue reading

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His Weapon

Without any second guessing He gave me access to his most dangerous weapon As soon as it was unsheathed I knew it would be mine for keeps Swiftly, I made … Continue reading

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Inch by inch

It’s always a pleasure to read the Romantic Dominate Source: Inch by inch

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Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in Time ~ A lovely piece by Hector for y’all to read. Source: Somewhere in Time

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A Daily Feast

A man has to eat That’s why I pack his lunch Everyday of the week Give him plenty of midnight treats So he’ll never be hungry and weak While out … Continue reading

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Happy Spanksgiving!

It’s time to be thankful So I prepared a bountiful feast Charms displayed adorning the table I hope it’s enough to satisfy the hungry beast

11/23/2016 · 15 Comments

Take or leave it…

I want the kind of love That never throws its hands up In the air like I’ve had enough Shrugs it off and simply gives up

11/21/2016 · 3 Comments

Can We Pretend-pt.1

It should’ve never got to this But we let it Now the question is can we pretend Like we’re boarding a new dimension With open, honest intentions Let’s pretend like … Continue reading

11/18/2016 · 4 Comments

A Songbird Sings

Please don’t make me stop I beg and plead, why not When it makes me hot and I like it a lot I know we have different views It’s an … Continue reading

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It’s time to run a-fucking-marathon The kind that lasts all day long Then continues from dusk to dawn Into an entire weekend of getting it on Let’s run and lock … Continue reading

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I can do anything When he fills me with his energy It’s all I need to survive As he gives me the confidence And the will I need to thrive

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Does He/She…

Does he/she fight To keep the dream alive By being at your side day and night Does he/she spark Ambition in life’s beating heart Raise the carnal passions after dark … Continue reading

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When I see you In those designer jeans I notice how well you wear Your torn and ripped Arrogance It’s not your heart That’s worn on your sleeve But rather … Continue reading

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