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Forget the rest

I’m afraid it’s you That’s gotten through I don’t wanna believe it’s true But the proof’s in all that you do You find and bring out the best While enticing … Continue reading

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Suzy Homemaker

I’m the type of girl… That ain’t afraid To shop in downtown LA Make it all homemade Pop open the champagne Randomly decide to bake On any given day Serve … Continue reading

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Even when the line Is blurred it is still there Best tread carefully 

06/08/2017 · 2 Comments

Here’s what I’ll do…

We haven’t had hump day music around her for far too long, so baby if you let me…

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Lost cause

When will you tire  Of trying to satisfy her No matter how much wood  You put on the fire You’ll never stroke her desires

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Isn’t physical  It’s something you feel That’s inside and real A meaningful connection Restless affection  Intellection

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Hope you don’t mind…

…Having me around Cause I was waiting to be claimed At the lost and found When I smiled and you frowned …Me looking after you When I’m free and able … Continue reading

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Real Astute

It must of been a quarter till eleven When you thought you died & went to heaven As I gently pulled you through Sucked hard then climbed on top of … Continue reading

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Lustful Tones

            Hands on your ass, squeezing Muscles taut by tormented teasing In a lust crazed frenzy I arch my back to feel you deep in … Continue reading

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Sexku #25

No one is immune To manipulation of love When the heart beats true

05/31/2017 · 3 Comments

Sexku #24

I’m not a dancer  Yet stripping is the answer To slide down your pole

05/31/2017 · 2 Comments

Spice it up

Variety is the spice of life, So find yourself a good wife That doesn’t question why Who’s happy to be at your side And isn’t afraid to give things a … Continue reading

05/30/2017 · 3 Comments

Universal Language

I may not know the language, But these feelings aren’t native I don’t need to say it to explain it As we both get better acquainted Locked behind the do … Continue reading

05/30/2017 · 2 Comments

All things equal

            I love that you wear pink And care what I think I get lost in my thoughts Of you, as if it was my … Continue reading

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All of my feelings were stripped Down to the bare, ugly truths Left standing before you Cold and afraid Expecting you to turn away Surprised when you stayed Called me … Continue reading

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Sexku #23

From his lips to mine Spurts of profanity, mark Orgasmic release

05/22/2017 · 4 Comments

Spoon Fed

Nestled in your arms In that warm, cozy moment When you spoon feed me Pulling me closer, filling My needs with pure ecstasy 

05/20/2017 · 2 Comments

Sexku #22

Whenever upset Or feeling completely stressed I turn to more sex

05/11/2017 · 9 Comments

Full Bloom 💐 

She never has to pretend When she is alone with him It’s hard to really comprehend The magnitude of love that extends  Flowing thru her stems to the very end … Continue reading

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