Wet Bliss

Mature Content 18+ Adults Only………………………Beautiful Loving Intense Sexual Sensations

And all the while I think of you…

You’re the white lines Cut on the table that I dine Inhaled one-at-a-time Feeding me dirty poetry Making me feel – everything In rows of pure promiscuity Altering my reality … Continue reading

09/27/2016 · 1 Comment

The Bucket List Series ~ The Dead Kennedys & Us

Written by: AntönyRös (Bold) & Wet Bliss The morning after the Masquerade Peering out of one eye looking around a bit surprised Quietly hit the loo to take a leak, then brush … Continue reading

09/26/2016 · 3 Comments


Flip her on her side Legs opened and spread wide Watch it disappear In the heavenly sphere Drill until you feel it Tighten up and begin to drip Break past … Continue reading

09/23/2016 · 8 Comments

He Makes Me Bad

He likes it when I make him mad Cause he gets to tell me if I’m being bad He pushes at my irritability and insecurities Knowing exactly how to get … Continue reading

09/23/2016 · 1 Comment


All these neon colors highlighting us as vibrant lovers yellow when we’re feeling mellow pink when we really need to think blue then run to me, I run to you … Continue reading

09/21/2016 · 2 Comments

Sexku #10 & 11

The sweet scent lingers Upon my skin and fingers A fresh breath of air *** Mingling in the linens Absorbed by these strong feelings I keep reliving

09/21/2016 · 1 Comment

Sexku #9

He wears my perfume A few splashes dabbed under His belt, before work

09/21/2016 · 2 Comments


We live for the rush Free falling into the clutch Of warped, twisted love A hot chaotic force field Strong enough to crush us both

09/20/2016 · 3 Comments

The Goode Life, Prologue (Mature, 18+) — The Cracked Lens View

OMG, FINE! If I have to take all the blame I will. I really don’t mind as long as I/we get to READ or listen, as you know I do! … Continue reading

09/20/2016 · 7 Comments

On One Hand

On one hand At this age I’m like what’s a few more notches On the bed Post Then on the other I’d like to keep it To that One For … Continue reading

09/16/2016 · 4 Comments

Tell Me…

What you are thinking… Source: Tell Me…

09/16/2016 · 5 Comments

Matters Change

The mood sat down at my side Looked me directly in the eyes In a conversation I couldn’t hide From feelings burning hot inside Radiating heat from our chemistry Under … Continue reading

09/16/2016 · 4 Comments

Do you…

Do you read the news Do you want the truth Do you ever feel used Do you like the abuse Do you light the fuse Do you drink the juice … Continue reading

09/15/2016 · 5 Comments

Prized Selection

You asked for it with actions not words Showed me what you wanted and deserved Told me something that was worth being heard That allowed me an opportunity to listen … Continue reading

09/13/2016 · 5 Comments

A Tool

I’m afraid to touch The dampness forming from thought Of my fingers wrapped around your cock Cause I know I’ll love it too much And I won’t be able to … Continue reading

09/13/2016 · 3 Comments

Three Plus Three ~ A Trio

Written By: VictoryInTrouble, PoetGirlEm & Wet Bliss We hope you enjoy this encore of We Three Wet Birds Please visit both of these talented ladies and give them some wet … Continue reading

09/10/2016 · 4 Comments

Lost Pen Pal

I miss our long, passionate nights When we’d just write Everything and what’d it be like Standing face to face In our secret, chosen place As the world fell away … Continue reading

09/09/2016 · 12 Comments


I like the way they feel Wrapped around me Long strands of color It’s a real sight to see I start to feel pretty Standing in the mirror Though I’m … Continue reading

09/07/2016 · 6 Comments

Senryu #4

Impulsive behavior Has dangerous effects when Mixed with temptation

09/06/2016 · 3 Comments

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