Wet Bliss

Mature Content 18+ Adults Only………………………Beautiful Loving Intense Sexual Sensations

I Still Do…

I wish I didn’t, but I do, miss you When we’re apart, especially after dark After seeing couples holding hands at the park It’s not that I need, or want … Continue reading

08/24/2016 · 5 Comments

Sexku #8

I am busting out The knee pads for tonight’s job I can’t kneel thhhhhat long

08/24/2016 · 6 Comments

Mission Critical

I don’t do anything half assed When I’m set to a particular task Holding the length in my hand Giving and taking all that I can Loving the way you … Continue reading

08/23/2016 · 13 Comments

Young Man

Hey there little man You don’t know who I am If fact, you’re to young to understand What I once meant to your dad That beach blonde and wide ocean … Continue reading

08/22/2016 · 1 Comment

The After Effects

The smell of sex permeates the cooling night Wrapping around lovers entangled side-by-side Moonbeams cast light across sticky, creamy thighs Basking under glow, heartbeats slow till morning rise Eyes pry … Continue reading

08/21/2016 · 8 Comments

Riding a Wave

Riding you up and down Plunging in and out That gasping, sucking sound Grinding on top of you Working in circular moves Spreading all natural lube Sliding back and forth … Continue reading

08/20/2016 · 3 Comments

Sexku #7

Before you fuck me I’ll suck you long and hard to Full capacity

08/19/2016 · 8 Comments

Working in Three’s

Frantic beats Intense heat Growing need Getting slick Circling clit Fingers slip Filling void Making noise Finding joy Flower blooms Sweet perfume Scenting room Body withers Legs scissor Flowing river … Continue reading

08/18/2016 · 15 Comments

Senryu #2

Today, and always I’ll cherish the gifts you have Bestowed upon me

08/17/2016 · 1 Comment

Senryu #1

One of these days you Will understand what I have Always meant to you

08/17/2016 · 8 Comments

A New Page ~ Duet w/Lino Robles

Written by: Lino Robles & Moi I stopped writing about what I couldn’t have I’ve outlived the dream at last like a spell i’ll take it for that moment as it … Continue reading

08/17/2016 · Leave a comment

Calvin Klein Magic – part 1 & 2 of ?

Those Calvin Klein’s are messing with my mind They’ve got me thinking about what they hide If I was to pull them down would I be surprised Or giggle in … Continue reading

08/15/2016 · 1 Comment

Anxiety: A ghost story

If you’re not a subscriber to Button Poetry you’re missing out. This one resonated, so thought I’d share with my fellow gals & guys that know what this is about … Continue reading

08/13/2016 · 4 Comments

Those Lips

Captivate my attentions With their wordy affections Pursed against my neck The moist, hot breathe Drives me insane Swerving into your lane I listen to everything they say It’s not … Continue reading

08/13/2016 · 4 Comments

The Bucket List Series ~ Masquerade 

A Duet Written by: AntönyRös & Wet Bliss Please visit my collaborators site by clicking on his name above Long stemmed roses fill a crystal vase Shimmers from the Suns radiant visage Lace, … Continue reading

08/10/2016 · 9 Comments

Good Night

I’m sorry my tears couldn’t hide Any longer from feelings trapped inside I know you want somebody stronger Than I who breaks down and cries After some time you’ll blame … Continue reading

08/09/2016 · 7 Comments

Grabbing a Chance

Don’t expect life to always Give you what you want Sometimes, you have to grab it Even if it is just a handful of nuts It’s a sure way to capture … Continue reading

08/06/2016 · 4 Comments

Riding Him

Heat radiates from within Before we even begin Cool air caresses our skin In a continuum we spin Let’s slow down the pace Look each other in the face As … Continue reading

08/02/2016 · 7 Comments

Withstanding Time ~ A Duet

Written with: Lino Robles the great! Yup, Lino the great, a truly remarkable poet, inspirer, person and friend. Its funny how they say time heals yet what i felt then i … Continue reading

08/01/2016 · 3 Comments

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