Wet Bliss

Mature Content 18+ Adults Only………………………Beautiful Loving Intense Sexual Sensations

Pardon me

If I give you some of this Will you treat it with respect Keep me from having regrets While lying sticky in neglect Knowing that my head’s a mess Cause … Continue reading

02/25/2017 · 2 Comments


              I’m ready to crumble As I trip and stumble Attempting to get away Then my body sways As you tighten the reigns During … Continue reading

02/24/2017 · 7 Comments

Perpetual Repudiation

I look the other way Sweep it under the carpet Shove with both hands into the closet I’ll justify and sympathize Constantly criticize It’s all part of my disguise Please … Continue reading

02/24/2017 · 5 Comments

An impasse

I wish we could have an understanding Before you get to controlling and demanding Why does it have to be scream and shout For us to figure this shit out … Continue reading

02/20/2017 · 10 Comments

The Boss of me…

You don’t get to just be The Boss of me… I too need to be pleased You’re mad; I’ve been bad So smack my ass with your hand I need … Continue reading

02/17/2017 · 9 Comments

Courting Climax (A Duet)

Originally posted on Cameron D Hamilton :
Sat in seductive silence, snuggled close by my side Flirtatious fingers explore; arousal is hard to hide Bashfully sneaking glances, measuring up chances Reclining…

02/16/2017 · 6 Comments


I’ve lived it Against the statistics I managed to rise above Without assistance or love I refused to be A product of society At first glance You’ll never see my … Continue reading

02/14/2017 · 5 Comments


With masturbation Out of the way, I’ll focus Attentions to work

02/13/2017 · 5 Comments

Dick Connoisseur

She started as an entrepreneur Excusing his staff, all sweet and demure Standing behind the facade and the act Working her way slowly, up the shaft A simple mistake of … Continue reading

02/13/2017 · 12 Comments

Rhetorical Questions

Are you ready, silly boy For me to handle your manly toys ‪Can you keep up and give me enough‬ ‪Do you crave the touch and feel the rush‬ ‪ … Continue reading

02/10/2017 · 1 Comment


He didn’t want to be with her He wanted to honor, cherish and harness Her love, weakness and strength To carry it with him for all of his days He … Continue reading

02/09/2017 · Leave a comment


In all that you perceive Her beauty can’t be seen There’s more underneath You’re naive to believe In obedience that’s knelt It has to be touched and felt

02/07/2017 · 1 Comment

Sustain me

I want a taste of everything You have to offer on the table If you are willing and able Slip off the napkin ring Before you undress me Cause it’s … Continue reading

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Say Hello ~ Part two

My panties are removed I’m alone in my room Talking to you As you tell me what to do Focusing on your intent Circling my throbbing clit Lifting the heaviness … Continue reading

02/06/2017 · 2 Comments

Say Hello

I know if I’m caught I’ll be tried for treason If for no other reason For getting myself off Secretly, while we talk Yet I can’t deny the feeling Holding … Continue reading

02/06/2017 · 7 Comments

I miss you…

I know it’s not fair Forcing a round peg into a square As if it’s a double dog dare Done just to show you care When the reality is I … Continue reading

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One thing you should know I’m not vulnerable or prone I’ve always had an open mind While keeping my legs closed Until I’m certain these feelings Are grown and ready … Continue reading

01/22/2017 · 3 Comments

The Pharmacist

Fills my prescription Daily to serve my addictions Mixing up a special concoction Better than oxyContin Numbing all of the pain To get me through the day Hits of ecstasy … Continue reading

01/20/2017 · 2 Comments


Tumid mushroom cap Dunked in her melted butter Savory and sweet Vegetarian’s Favorite ‘beef’ steak prepared Well to perfection Served with condiments Slathered in aioli Finger licking clean

01/20/2017 · 4 Comments

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