Wet Bliss

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Ranch Hand


Up before the roosters and long before the sun, Jesse fired up his old, but trustworthy pick-up in the still of dawn and eased it away slowly as the gravel beneath the tires crunched to announce his presence and departure to all of the livestock. He loaded the truck the night before with everything that would be needed in order to beat some of the scorching summertime heat and get the chores done early, so that he could spend more time with Angela that evening to celebrate their special night together. Jesse headed west to the farthest end of the property to begin repairing the fence away from the sun. As he worked his way back toward the rambler he let his mind drift to Angie’s wanton blue eyes, succulent lips, ample breasts, and miraculous hips. These thoughts pushed him to work that much harder and faster, so that he could return to her and take her like the both needed. When he returned to the empty home and read the note Angie left about going to the city to find something “special” to wear it didn’t help or ease his situation. It had been a long, hard morning out on the on the ranch, so he figured he might as well take a nap while she was out. Yet he was too keyed up by his roaming thoughts and the flashes of his sweet, innocent Angela dressing up in provocative lingerie for him. Unable to resist the temptation or deny the pulsating ache in his loins, he loosened his leather belt and popped open the button fly. Pausing for a moment and then he roughly squeezed the rigid length beneath the fabric with a force that should have made it deflate. Yet his cock responded by pushing back against his palm. Jesse gave up all pretenses and pushed his jeans down to pool around his ankles as his took his hardness into his hand and began working the loose skin up and down the shaft.   He started with smooth, long strokes to enjoy the sensations building as his imagination firmly caught in his fist. His fantasy mirrored that of a previous reality experienced with Angela, who was compliant and responsive to all of his sexual needs. He loved to spray his seed across the supple, clean skin of his loved one. Often he would pull out of her mouth, cunt and occasionally, her ass, to see the fluid coat her body already covered with the sheen of arousal. Jesse applied more pressure and picked up speed, vigorously jerking his manhood as cum erupted from the slit, pulsating in arcs to land on his upper body and splattered his chin. As he lie catching his breath and returning to reality afterward he realized he was no longer alone when he heard the heavy breathing of another. Jesse tipped his hat back to see Angela standing over him, flushed.

I felt the need to participate in Kayla Lords Masturbation Monday, but it looks like I wanked off before the weekly prompt…Oh well, hope you enjoy – Happy Monday!

8 comments on “Ranch Hand

  1. Heavens to Murgatroyd! Don’t people knock anymore?


  2. Ember

    I can definitely read this any day of the week, WB. Lovely. 🙂 xo

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  3. augustmacgregor

    A great way to get the arousal out … and fun that he was caught. And that guy in the photo looks like he’s got a rabbit in his pants. Jesus!

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  4. georgeforfun

    Reblogged this on georgeforfun.

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    • Wet Bliss

      Thanks Gerorge! Happy Monday. 🙂

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      • georgeforfun

        You are most welcome, hope your week is starting off well and continues to get better.))))))))))))))

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