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Leather Stripes

Nervous anticipation wracked her lithe form
A mass of tension strung tight and stretched
Cuffed and chained up, toeing the floor
Stinging kisses from the leather bullwhip
Tore down years of resistance and more
Rapid succession of blows rained down
Shallow lacerations, rendered her soul found


It took nearly an hour before Alex finally forced the uttered word, “Yellow,” from her parched lips, and Max’s response was immediate. He ceased his administrations and released the white-knuckled grip he had on the ridged handle of his bullwhip, allowing it to fall to the bare wood floor where it clattered and echoed in the emptied room. Max flexed his fingers to release the tension built up from wielding deliberate cruel lashes that Alex needed. He approached and assessed every detail; welts encased her entire back and shallow lacerations were sprinkled across her shoulder blades. She hung loosely from the chains above breathing steadily. He knew this was a brief intermission, and the scene would continue because she required more. He needed to reach past all of her barriers to help her shed the troubles she carried that weighed her down on the inside, so that she could find relief and peace. Be set free and to feel whole. He stood before her and watched the tears silently streak down her cheeks. In a calm voice he asserted, “Alex, look at me.” Ashamed of her tears and the desperation clawing at her from the inside, she shook her head no in response. “It was not a request. Look at me now,” he demanded. When she looked up, he could see into the depth of her troubled soul and saw that she was teetering on the edge as she begged him soundlessly to take control and give her the pain she needed to be set free and fly. With a curt nod, he asked for permission. A slight upturn at the corner of her mouth and the gleam in her eyes granted him permission to resume his position and continue.

Kneeling with a both fists against the bare wood, Max applied pressure and cracked his knuckles as he rolled his head forward and shoulders back releasing the tensions in preparation to begin and retrieved his bullwhip from the floor. The smooth leather slipped back-and-forth between his fingers idly as he took time to monitor Alex’s condition. Deliberately stalling to build up the anticipation – both his and hers. “Breathe deeply,” he commanded from the back of the room where he continued to caress his precious leather whip and thought about his next move. It was time to breakthrough Alex’s barriers, once and for all and provide the release that she desperately seeked. Yet she was stubborn and was holding back making it difficult on herself. to break free from all of the things that troubled her deep down in her soul, so that she could find joy and beauty and most of all peace in her life. In him she trusted without a doubt, for she repeatedly sought him out for more than his skillful blows that boasted his ego. The first time she had asked him to walk with her in the park, she nearly stole his heart. It was like clouds that casted shadows around him were lifted and he emerged into the early autumn sun, a breath of fresh air he found himself surrounded in her floral femininity and warmth that radiated from her skin like the morning sun. She held his hand firm, as he guided her along the path as she stepped with a spring in her step and expressed interest in all aspects of his life. From that moment, weeks ago, he knew she would hold a special place in his heart. Yes, she worked her way into his heart and under his skin and that’s where she would forever stay. Despite her many insecurities, she showed her trust in him time and again. At that thought, his heart swelled with pride and growing love while his inflamed groin kicked hard against the leather in absolute agreement.

“Alex, we’re going to try something new. Okay?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good Girl. Tell me the truth; do you try to hide your tears from me?”

After a moment of pause, Alex dropped her chin to her chest and replied, “Yes.”

“I want all of you and your tears are a part of you, so understand me when I say I want them too I mean it. Everything is what I need from you.”

“Yes Sir”

“You never need to hide your feelings from me, you got that?”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry.”

“Thank you, Pet. Work on it we will, but not tonight.” He opened the armoire and pulled a thickly padded blindfold that would absorb the bulk of her tears. “No, tonight I will grant you one mercy in exchange for your sight”

Max secured the garment in place and asked, “How does that feel?”

“Fine Sir, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. We begin now.”

Standing with his feet firmly anchored to the floor, with knees slight bent he threw out a couple of hissing cracks into the silence of the air. Alex’s bare form tensed with each whizzing sound that went flying by and jerked back out of reflex at the sound of the crashing snap that invade the air next to her rather than her back.

“You will answer my questions.” Whizz-snap!

“I don’t want you to think about your answers.” Snap-Crack!

“Speak loudly the first thing that comes to mind!” Whisk-snap!

Whizz, “What is your name?” Snap!


“Why are you here?” He asked as another lash landed against her abraded shoulder.

“Cause I’m worthless Sir!”

Rapid succession of blows rained down and Alex’s responses were swift, honest, and raw, but they only began to scratch the surface. There were deeply rooted issues that were buried so deep within that he believed Alex herself didn’t even know the source of her contentious turmoil, but he would push her right up against the edge to reveal the source of the pain that plagued her weary soul, so that he could help her work through it and come out whole on the other-side and can that self-trash talk that made him grind his molars down to nubs. It would take time, and he had plenty of it give her – he was in it for the long haul.

It took over two hours to reach a breaking point; Alex’s knees gave out as she hung limp from the chains above, putting the strain of her weight on her shoulders. Wasting no time, Max moved in to get her down. He kissed her forehead and she sniveled in response. Grasping her chin firmly between his fingers he whispered, “Shhh now. I’ve got you. I’ll take care of you pet,” and pressed his lips hard against hers for a brief second as a reminder of his intentions. Relieved that the long, intense session was over the only thing Max wanted to do more than get her down was hold her in his arms. Positioning his body around her, to catch her fall when released he slid one leg up behind her bottom as he balanced on one foot and palmed her chest to guide her descent against him as he reached up with the other hand to release her from the restraints. Being careful of her upper back, he lifted and carried her across the room and placed her face down on the massage table leaving the blind fold intact. Max cleaned her entire back, applied the pain reliving antiseptic, and then dabbed ointment gently on the deeper lacerations before covering them with bandages. Using lilac scented oils, he massaged the tensions from being suspended out of her upper body, giving her neck and shoulders extra care while he thought about all that was revealed during their triumphant session and considered how he would help her overcome the self-blame and negativity ingrained, which was the result of being abandoned in the past by those she trusted and depended on the most. No doubt there would be a lot of work ahead of them, but he was up for the challenge. Tonight marked a turning point in their relationship – there was no going back or denying the bond that was forming between them. With her permission and silent plea, she invited him in to penetrate her flesh, senses, and reach into her mind to find the inner demons that thrived in the dark and inflicted constant emotional pain and suffering. Grateful for this night, Max gently lifted Alex and cradled her in his arms as he sat them in an over-sized Lazyboy recliner where he would stretch out with her sprawled on top for the rest of the night. With a soft chuckle, he said, “not tonight,” as he waited for his thoughts to catch up and reach his aching hard cock that hadn’t clued in and was still looking to penetrate more than her mind tonight. It twitched against the warm thigh that rested heavily against the harden and confined shaft.


-2014 Original short story recovered and shared.  The opening quote fleshed out through recent collaborations with Ax. Until we strike again, you should visit his (busy) site at: https://persoinpoesia2015.wordpress.com

8 comments on “Leather Stripes

  1. Ádhamh

    Fantastic! I’ve always enjoyed your stories, as well as your poetry.


  2. Annie B

    Stunning! Truly outstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. persoinpoesia2015

    Reblogged this on Perso~in~Poesia and commented:
    WetBliss, in my eyes, stuns with an epic story.
    A must read.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. persoinpoesia2015

    Oh My Gawd!!

    Absolutely brilliant. You had me there…feeling it, living it, wanting it…Fucking Amazing. Your ability to tell a story is intense. Now wondering….the minds Passionate secrets or the hearts real life secrets…don’t tell me.

    It’s like WetBliss It just is…YOU!

    Did you post this. I went to your blog and it didn’t show. I want to Reblog this so badly. It’s one of those works of art. Soon as I read that stanza…I fucking knew, it was going to be epic.

    And you mentioned me. Do you know how touched I am? I have dimples because of it. Thank you for your kindness, your kinky ness and above all your friendship.

    I’ll keep checking your blog until I see it.

    Off to work on my part for our Pet Play 😉

    Good night and see you tomorrow.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Wet Bliss

      Thank you so much! I’m speechless at the moment with your generosity. I published prematurely, but it’s now up for good. You are appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

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