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A Lover’s Poem – Invitation

Before the day breaks
In the quiet, dawning hours
A calm surrender slumbers

Please enter the second half of this in the comments section to complete a Sedoka poem (a pair of Kataula’s 5/7/7) with me. Don’t be shy, I love your creativity! I’m waiting for you, so don’t go until you drop me three unrhymed lines with 19 syllables – thanks!

32 comments on “A Lover’s Poem – Invitation

  1. sirenlost

    She memorizes
    His every shadowed desire
    And leaves him sleeping in light

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    • Wet Bliss

      Awe that’s so sweet and unfair that he gets to stay in bed. I appreciate your participation and words! 👍🏻😃

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  2. niccihaydon

    Her plaything. She takes
    his play thing in hand. And stroke
    by gentle stroke she wakes him.

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  3. persoinpoesia2015

    light from window creeps
    the hammering pounds to cringe
    a neighbor building a shed

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  4. Kay

    Dammit. Missed a syllable.

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    • Kay

      Peaceful exhaustion
      After all night’s offering,
      His perpetual plaything

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  5. Kay

    Peaceful exhaustion
    After night’s offering,
    His eternal plaything

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  6. zigzagstripes

    Only to be quietly eroded.
    Slowly taken to heights previously thought unattainable.
    Taken to where our souls copulate, combine.

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  7. Ádhamh

    Patiently waiting
    To be taken properly
    By the one who is worthy

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    • Wet Bliss

      I knew I could count on you to contribute. This is a lovely response, as usual. Thank you, and I was pleasantly surprised by your timing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ádhamh

        Why surprised? Because I caught it so soon, besides my usual follow-up on all your posts, lol? Just good timing is all.


        • Wet Bliss

          Well yeah there’s that and the fact that all of your recent posts suggest you’re overloaded.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ádhamh

            I am. Still waiting on you to lend me that shovel!


  8. Philip Wardlow

    Hands reach on fire
    across silk sheets soft as sin
    exploring, probing, till found

    There ( I think…lol) 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  9. Philip Wardlow

    DO OVER…I l realized I wrote ,6,7,,7 ) need more coffee)

    Hands reach on fire
    across silk sheets soft as sin
    exploring, probing, finding, you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wet Bliss

      Ahh thanks! I love both, yet by my (finger count) the first line on both are right. It’s the last line that has 8…how about
      exploring, probing, till found.😉


      • Philip Wardlow

        Omg…You are right on the last line …( I suck today) thanks… lets keep the fire line and use yours then for the last line…….:) thanks for the catch…


    • Wet Bliss

      I could be wrong, it’s early here (almost 7am) and I’m still having me coffee too. 😉


  10. Philip Wardlow

    Hands reach in desire
    across silk sheets soft as sin
    exploring, probing, finding, you.

    Liked by 1 person

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