Wet Bliss

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As I go (pt. 1)

You know I like it. I don’t wanna fight it. I just wanna write it. The way I like it, or how’d I’d like to try it. Every curve of these words … Continue reading

12/06/2017 · 3 Comments

It’s Time

Nipples harden to revolt against the black lace holding them within place, as my core throbs and pulsates behind its constraint. I’ve ignored these incessant aches of loneliness all day, … Continue reading

06/13/2016 · 8 Comments

Taking It All

All of the emotions were stirred and sampled well before the first article of clothing was stripped away, carelessly. Recklessly. It allotted us the time we needed to open up … Continue reading

03/30/2016 · 8 Comments

And The Oscar Goes To…

He held her face gently between his large hands and swiped the tears away with his thumbs. They stood in silence, as he gave her a chance to catch her … Continue reading

02/12/2016 · 12 Comments

Your Ardor

Press me against the wall, the bed or the floor.  I don’t care where; my body aches to feel the heavy weight and strength of your ardor. Invade all of … Continue reading

02/11/2016 · 16 Comments

Led by Touch

It began with an innocent kiss upon the cheek. The close proximity caused the air between us to crackle and flare with heat. Seizing the moment of goodbye with a … Continue reading

10/09/2015 · 9 Comments

Fierce Tenderness

The teasing caress of his hands worked its magic with finesse, releasing all of the tensions while deft fingers undressed all of her inhibitions. Candlelight sconces hung on the four … Continue reading

09/28/2015 · 8 Comments


When you reel me in and pull my body tight against yours to hold me there in the silence until the fight inside quiets and subsides that is when these … Continue reading

09/17/2015 · 8 Comments

A Midnight Hold

Those hands arouse all of my senses. Massaging, caressing and kneading to bring me back from sleep. Warm and rough they slide inside the waistband allowing fingertips to gently brush … Continue reading

08/26/2015 · 23 Comments


I reluctantly release your lips, but only to travel slowly along your angular jawline to the crease of your neck. Kissing, sucking and gorging my senses in your scent. My … Continue reading

05/21/2015 · 11 Comments

Take Me Under

Say the words I need to hear through pursed lips under your breath as we explore greater depths. Take me under your formidable command and guide me with an unyielding, … Continue reading

04/14/2015 · 3 Comments

Ranch Hand

Up before the roosters and long before the sun, Jesse fired up his old, but trustworthy pick-up in the still of dawn and eased it away slowly as the gravel … Continue reading

02/09/2015 · 8 Comments


In a comfortable, yet flawless pose, she waited naked and kneeling for his return. Within the silence she slowed her breathing and focused on her purpose to serve. Content and … Continue reading

12/16/2014 · 2 Comments

It Feels Like…

Like a double shot of espresso on an empty stomach coursing quickly through my veins, making me tremble with anticipation, and my heart pound frantically against my chest as I … Continue reading

11/01/2014 · 3 Comments


Time vanished within his firm embrace as my spirit elevated to soar high above while dispensing absolute harmony upon us. The intensity of his all encompassing kiss left me spell-bounded; … Continue reading

09/24/2014 · 3 Comments

Hearts Chained

Her body thrummed with anticipation as Dylan slowly and strategically laid the heavy chains in place. In the beginning, when Dylan asked her to do things that she didn’t understand … Continue reading

09/11/2014 · 13 Comments


As I stepped from the car and smoothed out my dress you leaned in and kissed the back of my exposed neck and said, “Let’s put in our time, and … Continue reading

07/04/2014 · 13 Comments


​ The way your hand slides over my hip and grips tightly to pull me closer, so that my ass is cradled against your groin and hips. And the way … Continue reading

06/20/2014 · 7 Comments


He extended his hand and said come with me Angle; let me lead you to your destiny. I will make you forget the sorrows and restore faith in promising tomorrow’s.  From … Continue reading

06/17/2014 · 4 Comments

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